IMS policy

DEC maintains a QHSE policy which is committed to meeting customer requirements and continually improves on its projects and services by improving its Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental management system. DEC is committed to implement Integrated Management System as an essential element of providing a wide range of consultancy services in the Architecture/Engineering/construction Industry. Our professionally qualified and experienced architects and engineer have been delivering high quality design and supervising execution of a wide range of architectural, engineering and infrastructure projects.

Quality Policy

  • Understand and meet the requiremtents of our stakeholders, employees, consultants, contractors and clients.
  • Continually improve our processes and services.
  • Comply to regulatory requirements and applicable international standards and codes related to quality.
  • To ensure improvement in competencies of the employees and provide opportunities for growth.
  • To ensure that the contractors and consultants of DEC are aware of and complying with DEC policy.
  • Actively seeking new and creative ways of enhancing and increasing our levels of customer service with a professional attitude towards our commitment to solving their needs.

Health & Safety Policy

  • Provide and maintain safe premises and healthy working environments .
  • Ensure effective assessment of risks and apply measures to control them .
  • Comply to regulatory requirements and applicable international standards and codes related to health and safety.
  • Identify the potential hazard and ensure arrangements are made to control the associated risks.
  • Provide information, instruction; training and supervision to ensure that everyone is able to carry out their work safely, which will be reviewed periodically or when there are any significant changes that may affect the health and safety.
  • Promote safety & health protection in our design and supervision processes.
  • Environment Policy

    • To take every effort to prevent pollution by reducing emissions, preventing spillage, minimizing wastage and re-use and recycling wherever possible.
    • As appropriate, take corrective action where past practices have harmed the environment to minimize risk to the environment.
    • Comply to regulatory requirements and applicable international standards and codes related to environment.
    • Ensure continuous improvement in our processes to prevent pollution of air, land and water as well as to prevent personal injury and damage to property.
    • Promote environmental protection, lower pollution & efficient services in our Design & Supervision Processes.

    We will ensure that this Integrated Management System Policy is communicated to personnel at all levels within the organization and to interested parties. This policy is the basis for establishing and reviewing Integrated Management System Objectives and Targets, and is reviewed and audited for its continuing suitability at periodic intervals.